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Scotland is officially the top trending holiday destination 2023!

We're delighted (but not surprised haha...) that Scotland is the top most searched holiday destination for UK holiday makers so far in 2023!

As reported in the holiday booking platform VRBO has announced that the British public are giving the country the thumbs up - and how well deserving this is for Scotland!

VRBO has revealed that search traffic has risen by a staggering 65 percent over the past year - the highest rise of any destination in the UK.

And there's more.... VRBO's data shows that less frequented areas such as our very own - Argyll and Bute are shining brightly. In fact Argyll and Bute is in the top 3 most searched for destinations for visiting Scotland.

Argyll and Bute is indeed a fascinating and scenic location and Gareloch Cottage is a great base to start your discovery of Scotland!

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