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Our VIP dog guest!

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

This Easter, we welcomed a very special dog guest o check out our dog friendly cottage! Reggie The Cockapoo is a little star - a super friendly, Cocker Spaniel cross Toy Poodle who shares his dog friendly adventures across the UK with his companion Suzanne. Their favourite adventures involves all things outdoors - especially water paddle boarding, hiking and climbing.

Here's Reggie when he first arrived at our cottage, with his chewy toy bone at our front door. He was welcomed - as all our pet guests are - with a special treat box containing some dog treats, a guest dog towel (to wipe muddy paws after a good walk) and also had use of a cosy wicker dog basket and dog bowl we keep for furry friends.

Here's Reggie settling in to his guest dog basket in our living room, ready to have a good snooze after all his travelling.

He also took a shine to our first floor terrace here he is sat on his favourite blanket looking like he's waiting to be served his tea!

Here he is again on the terrace this time posing by our Scottish Heather!

Reggie enjoyed lots of lovely coastal walks during his stay. There's a shingle beach across the road and if you follow around the peninsula you'll discover pretty unspoilt coves all along Shore Road where our cottage is.

There's also dog friendly cafes to visit nearby. One of our local's is The Perch in Garelochhead which serve great coffee and welcome dogs with their owners.

The cottage is set up for dog stays and is ideal for one small - medium well behaved pooch (due to the size of the property). We kindly ask guests to keep their pets on their leads outside as the property is ungated at the front. Dogs can go on the terrace but please only feed your pet in the kitchen and ensure they sleep in the lounge.

We have a flexi hose outside our kitchen door especially for dog guests to get a quick hose down after a walk so muddy paws are shiny and clean to come back in to the house again.

There's a dog friendly guide at the house - suggesting places we've found to eat, visit and enjoy around the cottage with your pooch.

Here's Reggie having a last play before he leaves the cottage. He had a great stay but is ready to go home now after all the excitement.

We charge guests bringing their dog just £20 for their stay. Please ensure you bring all your pet items with you to ensure a cosy and comfortable stay. If you would like to stay take a look at our calendar for latest availability.

Find out more about Reggie and his adventures at his website:

You can also follow him on Instagram:

Photo credits: Suzanne Sheen

Photo credit The Perch: Steve Clarke


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